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    *Kaohsiung City was upgraded from a city under Taiwan Province to a municipality under the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) on July 1, 1979. At the same time, the Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office was expanded into the Accounting and Statistics Office under Kaohsiung City Government. During the past years of the Accounting and Statistics Office history since then, Mr. Li, Siang served as the first term Director-General. Mr. Sie, Lin, Mr. Yang, Neng-De, Mr. Siao, Cing-Chih, Mr. Jhang, Jhih-Hong, Mr. He, Jian-Sheng and Ms. Lu,Lee-Mei served as the Directors-General for the subsequent terms until Ms. Chang, Su-Hui took office as the incumbent Director-General. Thanks to the remarkable leadership of the Directors-General, both the former and the incumbent ones, that Accounting and Statistics Office and its entire staff have played a very significant role behind Kaohsiung City Government to make its brilliant overall performance possible.

    The Accounting and Statistics Office takes charge of audit related administration of the Kaohsiung City Government, i.e., more specifically speaking, Annual Budgeting, Accounting and Statistics. All these functions, when performed in as a whole, assure the sound performance of the audit system.