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Vision Principle



    Service, quality, efficiency, and innovation: the four cornerstones of guidance established by the Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DBAS) of Kaohsiung city government. With these four cornerstones of guidance, the DBAS assists the movement of municipal constructions and maximizes social benefits with optimizing the allocation of limited resources


    The DBAS is in charge of budgeting, accounting and statistic affairs of Kaohsiung City Government (KCG.). The budgeting affairs focus on preparation of budget and settlement. The accounting affairs focus on development of financial management function. The statistic affairs focus on collecting and analyzing the related data of administration for reference of decision making.
    1. Budgeting: The DBAS is in charge of allocating resources efficiently and rationally through general and special funds budget compilation, budget allocation review and approval, and the evaluation of budget execution performance.
    2. Accounting: The DBAS takes charge in reporting budget implementation results faithfully and enhancing mechanisms of internal control. The DBAS handles KCG general accounting, the preparation and review of annual financial statements for KCG and its subordinate agencies, and its comprehensive financial statements. The DBAS also sets and approves accounting systems for KCG and its subordinate agencies. Besides, the DBAS helps to solve accounting issues.
    3. Statistics: The statistic affairs in DBAS focus on collecting and analyzing the related data for the reference of public decision making, and maintaining the highest possible quality of consensus and survey data. The DBAS takes charge of Kaohsiung municipal statistical administration, statistical consultation services, the compilation and review of statistical reports, statistical database management, issuing statistical publication, and executing a variety of consensus and surveys.


    The Department of Budget, Accounting & Statistics (DBAS) of Kaohsiung City Government (KCG), a professional administrative institute of budgeting, accounting, and statistics, tries its utmost to strengthen perfect fiscal finance to achieve the goal of fiscal balance, establish a uniquely impartial, pragmatic, and appropriate government accounting system which adheres to international standards, take the pulse of society and economy, and play an important role in using statistical data for the reference of public decision making to assist the movement of Kaohsiung municipal constructions. Furthermore, the DBAS plays an important role to assist KCG to achieve the highest objectives to build Kaohsiung city an "industry value-added, sustainably developed, and environment-friendly" maritime capital, and also a creative green "production, ecology, and life (P.E.L.)" happy city.