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Organizational Chart

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    General Budget Divisio
    1. Managing budget affairs for local Government General Budget and Supplementary Budget Compilation.
    2. Supervising and audit Subsidiary Unit Budget and Supplementary Budget.
    3. Monitoring execution of Special funds and Supplementary Budgets.
    4. Managing related Budget affairs.
    Municipal Enterprise Division
    1. Carefully scrutinizing preparations of Subsidiary Unit Budget and Compilations of Consolidated Tables.
    2. Monitoring implementations of Subsidiary Unit Budget.
    3. Helpfully solving problems encountered for Private Participation Projects with related authorities.
    Accounting Management Division
    1. Taking Responsible for General KCG Accounting.
    2. Preparing General Report on Settlement of Budget of KCG & Subordinate Agencies and Consolidate Table.
    3. Approving of Monthly Accounting Report.
    4. Setting and Approving Accounting System of Subordinate Agencies and Schools.
    Official Statistics Division
    1. Taking responsible for tabulation administration and statistica information consulting service.
    2. Auditing General Report of Public Statistics.
    3. Auditing Affiliated statistical tabulations.
    4. Managing Statistical Data Files.
    5. Analysing Statistical Data and Publication.
    Community Statistics Division
    1. Price Survey Statistics.
    2. Household and Residence Survey.
    3. Investigating Domestic Economic Activities.
    4. Compiling and Publishing the monthly Commodity-Price Statistics and Household Income - Expenditure Reports.
    Civil Service Ethics Office Civil Service Ethics office is responsible for the ethics affairs prevention and investigation.
    Secretariat Office Ordinary adminidtration , records , research , property and files management and purchasing, etc.
    Accounting Office Accounting office manages budget, accounting and statistics.