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Privacy Policy

    The Department of Budget Accounting and Statistics, Kaohsiung City Government (KCGDBAS) respects and protects your personal right of privacy. For helping users to understand this website how to collect data, apply and protect your personal information, please thoroughly read the detailed information below:
     * Scope of Application
     *The statement below applies to users browsing behaviors involving personal data collection, application and user protections within KCGDBAS and other affiliated websites. However, the department is not responsible for any links to third party websites through this site. Each website has its own exclusive privacy statement, this website is bares no joint liability. Concerning the protection of personal data, please respect others privacy statements when accessing other linked websites.
     * Data Collection
    1. To simplify browsing and file downloading, this website will not collect any relevant data of personal identity.
    2. Any personal data collections as users enter this website is within the scope of the protection statement on the website right of privacy at Kaohsiung city hall (call the city government as follows) (read the city government website private 01.htm its "personal-data collections method" for reference). The city government website will reserve a Server Log record of net friends visiting this website to browse or search, which includes the internet Protocol (IP) address, using time, browser and clicking data-record etc... This website will mark as concluded the individual on-line user from browsing activities such as web-page browsing, unless you include your personal data. Otherwise this website won't do comparing.
    3. Except when users take the initiative in registering personal data such as personal email account or name at the discussion board of this website etc.., then this behavior is out of scope of application. In addition, if you have contact with the city government by email letter or through other channels to respond opinions, this website also will keep this telecommunication and the transaction record.
     * The website related personal-data utilization
    The website related personal-data utilization, data sharing and open mode is the scope of application (read the city government website private 01.htm its "personal data utilization" and "data sharing and open mode" for reference).
     * Consultaion
    If you have any questions or opinions regarding the protection statement on website right of privacy, we welcome your letters and telephone calls.